Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Everything right now seems like an adventure. Even looking into how to make a move from one city to another is an adventure all in its own right... its not the first time in any way shape or form, but it is the first move I've made between cities with furniture... ahh the benefits of dorm life!

These daunting boring tasks that usually make my hair fall out at an incredibly fast rate are even exciting in their own way. Planning a new curriculum? SURE! I'd love the challenge! Can I get this excited about life today? No, not really. I find the mundane life of day to day at this point to be daunting but the idea of what will come and what is next is exciting, thrilling, and refreshing all in the same time. Like jumping into a swimming pool for the first time during summer vacation, it reminds you of the wonder of the world and the power of diving in, getting wet, and finding your way back to the surface for some sunshine, rest, and relaxation.

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