Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sangria is infectious...

Hysterical laughter. Awww a sound to be with all of us always. Such a small group and yet such a powerful group of friends and colleagues. With space and time between us always we have found ourselves in this safe haven, where intellectual debate whit and good humor have found their ways into the norm of our society. Its funny to me that a society can be made up of five people, or five hundred people, or five billion people. Size it seems as men throughout the ages have claimed truly does not matter. Our society is one of mutual respect, growth, and above all support of each individual for every place and time in which we exist. Whether we are teachers embarking on new journeys, starting new lives personally, professionally, or both, we have found a way to co-exist from our many walks of life. We are not perfect, we do not claim to be, but in this place, we can be our own person, our own flawed person in every facet of our being.

This is what I will miss about Tucson. In 30 short days we will be moving into our own new universes and our own new existences. For some of us that means a new location of work, for some of us that means a change in what we do on a day to day basis. Change it seems is our general theme of life, as we are all constantly changing every day. But here in the summer of change for me, I feel kindred existences all around me. The love we feel will never fade and the respect we feel will never waver, our location is only a small fraction of who we are, and what we do in that space is everything else that makes us who we are. 

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