Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Paradise and the New Year

A new year and a new set of rules. Well, rules is probably a bad way to phrase it, but a new set of goals? I hate the new year quite frankly, I never know what to say. People want to talk about their new resolutions. Why is that we need a new year to put us into gear? To make us feel like we are in control of our own lives?

Its process versus product. I have nothing more than that to say about it. Can't we change the processes we are following in order to look towards a better product instead of setting a product goal?

I for one have a very personal goal and how that comes will be a special process. It will be near and dear to my heart, and it is something I don't want ot share. So how do I make other people understand that? How do i communicate it to them?

Instead I sit and say nothing, I write, and I take in the fact that I have such amazing friends. What I would do without them I have no idea what I do know is that they make my life complete. The year 2013 was filled with amazing changing and experiences, Bryon and I got engaged, we merged our households, we planned a wedding side by side, and we did so with smiles on our faces 99% of the time, I won NaNo for the 3rd time, and we hosted about a million get togethers for both friends and family. If 2014 is even half s amazing as 2013 it will be a great year.

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