Friday, June 29, 2012


There are two aspects of time that relate to breakups and heart ache. There is the one that people talk about who don't really know you... time... and then there is the other one... timing. People who know you, understand the pros and cons of timing more than anyone else, because they truly know you as an individual and your life in and outside of the person you were recently with.

The people that want to discuss time with me, keep telling me that things take time, that time will heal all, that time will bring you back, that time, time, time time. Nothing, that anyone can say is truly helpful because, although the intentions are pure and loving and caring, its all things that we know and simply have to live through. I am too "old" to think that I will not survive this no matter how crappy one day may be to the next. The only people who have been helpful fall into two categories.A) The other women whose ranks I have joined who have recently had their hearts smashed into a million pieces or B) People who make it their jobs to utterly distract me. Distractions are making it easier.

So what do I mean by timing? The timing of my... let's call it "new found intellect" could not be more ironic. The timing of it all will leave to my new house, which I leave to close on in ten minutes beautiful but the house is all mine, with no memories that can taint the taste in my house of success that on a teachers salary, I am buying a house. The timing of this happening over the summer, where although distractions are low, the time to heal is high and the freedom to do what I want with my time is beautiful.

 Timing and time may rule now, but I have faith in love, and hope that someday this will all be a distant if not horrible memory. And besides, if karma has taught me anything, something REALLY great is going to be just around the corner for me.

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